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Upper Extremity Pain

It’s hard to live life to its fullest when you suffer from upper extremity pain. Every movement can cause pain or discomfort that makes you cut down on the activities you enjoy. Mainstream medicine will often prescribe medication – but medication usually only masks the pain. What you need is help in finding the source of the trouble. Chiropractic care offers you the resources to get to the underlying cause of your upper extremity pain.

Why you have upper extremity pain
Your extremities do a lot of work! They are an easy target for injury and overuse. But most of the time, the reason for upper extremity aches and pain isn’t the extremity itself – it is actually caused by the nerves that make it possible for you to feel and use those important body parts

.Your spine houses the spinal cord which is an extension of the central nervous system. The nervous system controls your body’s ability to heal and regulate itself. When there is an interference, it isn’t able to function properly. If you think about the delicate balance of the many tiny nerves that keep our body moving – it makes perfect sense that they can easily become injured or pinched.

- Falls
- Injury
- Poor posture
- Poor sleeping positions
- Strenuous exercise
- Stress

These are just a few of the causes of an imbalance in the spine. This interference is called a vertebral subluxation.

A subluxation can occur in any part of your spine. Each area of the spine is connected to a specific part of your body. Misalignment interferes with the nerves between the spinal bones (vertebrae) and can cause irritation to the nerve which in turn, causes pain. This inflammation and irritation impair the ability of the nerves to transmit important messages from the nerves to the brain.

How chiropractic care can help you
You may not have heard how chiropractic care can successfully treat upper extremity pain using safe, comfortable and effective spinal adjustments. These adjustments locate and remove the interference to the nervous system.

Instead of merely masking or dulling your upper extremity pain with the use of drugs, chiropractic care provides significant and long-lasting health benefits by treating the source of the problem and not just the symptoms.

We put serious demands on our upper extremities, just in our everyday activities – not to mention when we use them for sports activities and exercise. Any type of discomfort hinders our ability to participate in the activities that we enjoy.

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It’s hard to have a healthy state-of-mind when you aren’t feeling at your best. The chronic or acute onset of pain can lead to depression and dulls the joy we all want to experience. New Life Chiropractic will get your body back into the proper alignment that lets your body heal itself.

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