Spine Alignment

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Spine Alignment

Proper spinal alignment is essential for proper nerve flow up and down the spinal cord. In a misaligned spine, delivery of nervous system stimuli can be hindered-making you more prone to illness. Consider the human body as one holistic unit. The spinal cord and spinal column act as the main support for the body. People with improper spinal alignment tend to experience multiple health problems, such as muscle soreness due to the back muscles working on overdrive to stabilize the spinal column. Nerve interference is a common issue among those with a misaligned spinal column. Essentially, a knot is present in the spinal column, inhibiting the proper flow of messages up and down the spine. A healthy and functioning nervous system relies on proper alignment. When thinking holistically, it is necessary that the issues with spinal alignment be addressed in order to achieve overall health and wellness.

There are varying causes of misalignment in the spine. Factors such as bodily injury from a past accident, and even dental surgery can loosen connective tissue and cause the spine to become misaligned.Below are some causes of spine misalignment.- Having a Baby
A difficult or fast birth, or even a C-section can cause the muscles to loosen substantially and cause the spine to be inadequately supported.

- Childhood Injuries
Falls and other injuries sustained during childhood can cause your spinal muscles to adapt inefficiently.

- Sports Injuries
Collisions from contact sports, falls, and head trauma all can cause misalignment of the spinal column.

- Car Accidents
Whiplash and direct impact injuries can substantially affect the spinal column.

- Invasive dental surgery
Head and neck manipulation done under anesthesia can cause misalignment in the spine.

There are multiple ways in which you can keep your spine in proper alignment, ensuring overall health and wellness throughout your entire body.

- A good mattress
Choose a good mattress that provides ample support and overall comfort.

- Sensible Shoes
Make sure your shoes have supportive arches--keeping the spine and head in alignment and to avoid further muscle strain. Flip-flops and flats do not provide adequate support!

- Good posture
Keeping your shoulders back and your head upright while sitting or standing will keep your spine properly aligned. It is also recommended that after 20-30 minutes of sitting you get up and walk around.

- Exercise
By keeping your core muscles strengthened you significantly decrease the impact on your spine. Strengthened core muscles also help to support and stabilize your spine and, in turn, your entire body. It is important to keep them strengthened.

When you consider your body as one whole unit, it is easy to see how the spine plays such a huge factor in overall health and wellness. Maintaining proper alignment is crucial to good health and proper nerve flow not just for your spine, but for all parts of your body. When spinal health is compromised, the rest of your body suffers.

Contacting a licensed chiropractor, such as Amarillo Chiropractor, is one of the first steps you can take in promoting overall health for yourself. By working with the underlying reasons for an injury or issue, a chiropractor can work with you to establish an effective and holistic course of action to get you in better health.

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