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Foot Pain

Natural Alternatives For Severe Foot Pain
Severe foot pain can be awful to deal with on a daily basis. Foot pain can occur in the heel, toes, ankle, sole or arch of the foot. Prolonged standing or walking, sports injuries, improper shoes, or even nutritional imbalances can cause this pain. By using different holistic methods for healing, you could lessen your foot pain without the use of strong prescription drugs or invasive surgery. Here are several ways to treat severe foot pain in a natural way.

Heat and Ice for Severe Foot Pain
To lessen pain in the foot and decrease swelling, ice can be used as a natural treatment. Ice packs can be made and applied to the affected area several times a day during the acute phase which usually lasts 3-5 days. After the acute phase of healing when all the swelling has gone down, heat can be applied to bring increased blood flow to the area and promote healing. For chronic severe foot pain, such as arthritis, applying heat can also loosen up joints and reduce the constant aches and pains.

Natural Herbs for Severe Foot Pain
Many natural herbs have been found to decrease pain in the joints and muscles. Some herbs and their essential oils are used to relieve foot pain. Clove oil is great for blood circulation, helping with severe foot pain. Sage leaf is effective is reducing discomfort in the joints, and can also be used to reduce foot odor – a bonus benefit of this natural treatment. Eucalyptus and rosemary oil are also great for soothing aching feet.

Holistic Healing with Salt Baths
A common natural treatment for aching joints and muscles is a healing salt bath. Simply fill a foot bath with warm water and Epsom salts and soak your affected foot to relieve pain. You can even soak your entire body in an Epsom salt bath for full body healing. This holistic method gives soothing relief from the mineral magnesium that is contained in the salt. Make sure you don’t use a hot salt bath within the first 3-5 days of an injury as it will cause extra undue swelling.

Natural Treatment with Chiropractic Care
Another type of natural healing for severe foot pain is chiropractic care. If your severe foot pain is persistent, consider a series of chiropractic treatments. By using joint manipulation combined with massage techniques and an overall health assessment, a chiropractor can help identify the cause of your foot pain and deliver the best possible natural treatment.

Whether your severe foot pain is caused by repetitively standing on your feet, wearing uncomfortable shoes, an old sprain flare-up or a joint disease like arthritis – you may be able to relieve your pain with these holistic healing methods. Try heat and ice first to treat foot pain and reducing swelling. You could also try a variety of herbs and essential oils known for lessening joint pain, or a warm and soothing Epsom salt bath. When using these natural methods for treating severe foot pain, you may also consider seeing a chiropractor for persistent pain. For a more holistic approach to healing, your severe foot pain can be treated with a combination of natural methods and chiropractic care.

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