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Hip Pain

Naturally Treat Severe Hip Pain
The hip is one of the most used joints in the body. A ball-in-socket type of joint, it is constantly in motion and absorbs a high amount of force. When severe hip pain occurs, it can prevent you from everyday activities like walking, standing, sitting and even make sleeping uncomfortable. Treating severe hip pain is a common reason why patients seek out medical advice. Besides traditional methods for treating hip pain such as pain relieving medication and surgery, there are many natural ways to treat severe hip pain such as a health assessment, heat and ice treatments, muscle strengthening, and chiropractic care.

Overall Assessment: Listen To Your Body
Natural methods involve taking a holistic approach to pain relief, and begin with an overall assessment of the state of the body. Listening to your body is important. Exactly where is your pain occurring, when does it occur, and why? Your health should be assessed to determine if any diseases, nutritional deficiencies or injuries are causing severe hip pain.

Heat and Ice Treatments for Hip Pain
After assessing the state of the body, natural treatments for severe hip pain can be attempted including heat and ice treatments. A classic method for treating pain, ice and heat can be a very effective method for relieving pain. Especially if caused by an occasional activity or strained muscle, you may find a nice pack of ice or a heat wrap calms your aching hip.

Strengthen Muscles to Relieve Severe Hip Pain
Muscle strengthening exercises are a natural way to relieve severe hip pain and to increase overall health and strength. Great exercises to strengthen and support the hip joints include bridge exercises, inner thigh exercises and outer thigh exercises. These strength exercises are great for arthritis in the hip as well. Stretching after muscle strengthening sessions is also great for the supporting hip joints.

Treating Pain with Chiropractic Care
Another natural, drug-free method for treating pain is the use of chiropractic care. Chiropractic care has been shown to be an effective method for relieving pain in the joints. s may use a combination of spinal manipulation with active massage treatments to help relieve severe hip pain. Through a series of chiropractic sessions, many patients see a significant improvement in range of motion and performing everyday activities - lessening their severe pain.

Taking a natural approach to treating severe hip pain can bring relief without expensive drugs or extensive surgery. Chiropractic care can be an effective treatment for more persistent pain. With holistic methods that assess the entire state of the body and focus on natural treatments, severe hip pain may become a thing of the past.

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