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Pain Management

Holistic Pain Management
Being in constant pain is the most daunting form of torture there is. Without resolution, your body suffers, but you don't want to be on toxic, chemical medications and surgery is costly and can be ineffective. We have all been there, torn between what options you feel you really have. What if there was a form of healing out there completely natural, native to your body, non toxic, and non-invasive? Would you take your chances and try it? What would you have to lose other than the constant pain? There are several different types of holistic pain management to help relieve your body of nagging pain and get you back into a place of health and wellness. 

The best options available to you are often the natural ones.

1) Get proper rest: Allowing your body proper sleep prevents pain in many ways. When sleeping, your body heals; helping to prevent and fight inflammation as well as pain and disease. People who get less than six hours of sleep or have disrupted sleep are more likely to suffer from these symptoms, causing chronic pain and discomfort throughout the day.

2) Eat foods that feed your body, not your cravings: People who gravitate towards high carb, high sugar and high fat foods have been shown to test positive for higher levels of C-Reactive Proteins which cause the chronic inflammation and pain of the body. Consuming Anti-Inflammatory foods such as Ginger, Turmeric, and Cinnamon can greatly decrease your discomfort levels and serve as great pain management. No one should accept pain as a part of their daily life, it is unnecessary and there are ways it can be avoided with simple changes in the regular diet and routine. 

3) Chiropractic Care:  A great alternative, both cheaper and safer than surgery is Chiropractic pain management. By adjusting the body and increasing the flow of the nervous system, a licensed chiropractor is able to alleviate pain and stiffness, as well as inflammation from your body naturally and effectively. Through therapeutic massage, adjusting, and realignment, you will feel like an entirely new person after just a few treatments. Whether you need slight pain management or major chronic management, chiropractors are able to help realign you and get you back into tip top shape, for way under the cost of any surgical options and more longer lasting and safer than any prescription medication.

4) Meditate: Meditation has proven health benefits backed by research. It has been suggested that meditation can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, pain response, and stress hormone levels; making it one of the most effective at home pain management forms available to you by increasing your sleep, reducing your stress, and reducing your pain. 

The first step to treating chronic pain and achieving pain management is addressing the root problem and the impact it has on your body. The physiology of pain can have an extreme emotional response with patients, and the pain levels can become very exaggerated when you're feeling upset, anxious or depressed. Pain management can be achieved through mindful meditation, proper exercise and diet, and chiropractic care.

There are many options available to you for holistic pain management. You never have to settle for dangerous surgeries and taking pills for the rest of your life if that's not the path you're comfortable with choosing. Pain management is achievable in your very own home. The first step is taking control of your own health and making it a priority in your life.

Ultimately, through holistic pain management, you'll be able to cope with the pain, physically and emotionally, and rid yourself of it, naturally. There's not much else you could ask for.

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